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Collection Development Policy


The Morton Grove Public Library provides and maintains a balanced and broad collection of materials in appropriate and varied formats for the use and enjoyment  of the community as space and financial considerations allow.



The Library Director is responsible to the Board of Trustees for the selection of materials and development of the collection. Collection management, including decisions about selection, gifts and weeding, is done by professional librarians with an ALA-accredited master’s degree in library science (or equivalent), or by qualified staff under their supervision. No employee may be disciplined or dismissed for the selection of library materials when the selection is made in good faith and in accordance with written policy as required by Illinois statute.



1. Selection:

  • Criteria:  Literary merit; enduring value; accuracy; authoritativeness; social significance; importance of subject matter to the collection; timeliness; popular demand; cost; scarcity of material on the subject and availability elsewhere; quality and suitability of the format; other considerations may be applicable in specific subject areas. Selectors should choose materials that build a well-rounded collection reflecting various viewpoints and opinions. While the library does endeavor to support school curricula, textbooks are not collected.
  • Tools: Professional journals; trade journals; subject bibliographies; publishers' catalogs and promotional materials; reviews from reputable sources; lists of recommended titles; purchase suggestions and sales representatives.

2. Replacement:  Items damaged beyond reasonable repair, as well as items lost or stolen, are evaluated for withdrawal or replacement.  An item will be replaced if it is available, affordable, not out-of-date, and if it meets any one or more of the following criteria:

  • it is considered part of a core collection, or
  • it is in steady demand, or
  • it is the best source for information on a relevant topic Items not meeting the above criteria will be withdrawn.

3. Withdrawal/Weeding:  On a regular and ongoing basis, library staff will evaluate the library’s collections based on usage and general wear and tear.  Items that are in poor physical condition are evaluated for potential replacement according to the above criteria.  Items not meeting those criteria are withdrawn from the collection in order to make room for newer materials.  The library reserves the right to dispose of withdrawn items in any manner deemed cost-effective by library staff, including selling them.

4. Multiple Copies:  The Library purchases multiple copies of titles that have high patron demand and/or broad popular appeal, whenever possible.

5. Format:

  • Materials should be purchased in a variety of formats for library patron use.
  • Multimedia formats are considered and collections established when a significant portion of the community has access to the necessary technology to make use of the format.


Gift Materials

The Morton Grove Public Library accepts donations of books and other materials as outlined in the Donations Policy (link).  Donated materials may be added to the collection in accordance with the library's selection guidelines.  Materials not added to the collection may be sold in used book sales or shared with other local organizations.

The Library also accepts monetary donations for the purchase of materials for the collection (a gift book or in memoriam).  The library's selection guidelines apply to any materials purchased with these funds.

The Library reserves the right to accept or discard, at its discretion, any donated materials.


Reconsideration of Library Materials

A singular obligation of the public library is to reflect within its collection differing points of view on controversial or debatable subjects. The Morton Grove Public Library does not promote particular beliefs or views, nor does the selection of an item express or imply an endorsement of the author's viewpoint. Library materials will not be marked or identified to show approval or disapproval of the contents, nor will items be sequestered, except for the purpose of protecting them from damage or theft.

Comments from members of the community about the collection or individual items in the collection frequently provide librarians with useful information about interests or needs that may not be adequately met by the collection. The Library welcomes expression of opinion by patrons, but will be governed by this Collection Development Policy in making additions to or deleting items from the collection.

Patrons who request the reconsideration of library materials must complete and sign the "Request for Reconsideration of Library Materials" form.

Upon receipt of the completed and signed Request for Reconsideration form, the Director will appoint an ad hoc committee from the professional staff including, but not limited to, the selector for the subject area of the item in question and the appropriate Department Head. The committee will make a written recommendation to the Director who will then make a decision regarding the disposition of the material.  As soon as possible, the Library Director will communicate this decision, and the reasons for it, in writing, to the person who initiated the request for reconsideration.  The Library Director will inform the Board of Trustees of all requests for reconsideration of library materials and their disposition.

To appeal the decision of the Library Director a written request for hearing before the Board of Trustees should be made to the President of the Library Board of Trustees.  The Board of Trustees reserves the right to limit the length of presentation and number of speakers at the hearing. The Board will determine whether the request for reconsideration has been handled in accordance with stated policies and procedures of the Morton Grove Public Library.  The Board may vote to uphold or override the decision of the Director.  All decisions of the Library Board of Trustees are final.




Approved by the Morton Grove Public Library Board of Directors October 16, 2014.
Revised and approved April 9, 2015; October 8, 2015; October 12, 2017.

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