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Internet and Technology Policy

The Library provides technology devices, Internet access computer stations and WiFi connectivity, free for public use. Adult Services (AS) Department Desktop PCs (including express stations) may be used by anyone aged 13 and older. (Library staff reserve the right to ask for proof of age).  Youth Services (YS) department Desktop PCs may only be used by children under age 13. Children age 7 or younger must be accompanied by an adult or guardian at all times while using a Desktop PC. Children age 8 to 12 may use a YS department Desktop PC unattended if their parent or guardian has given consent, either verbally to library staff in each instance of use, or if the child has a parental consent form on file with their library card. Parental permission is not required to access Office programs on the YS Desktop PCs.

Use of MGPL desktop computers is available to MGPL card holders as well as to individuals holding another public library card. Two guest passes per month are available to adults who do not possess any public library cards.

Laptops are restricted to MGPL cardholders only, aged 13 and older, and additionally a photo ID is required. Parents/guardians of individuals aged 13-18 using laptops will be held responsible for any damage to the device while in use.

WiFi is free to anyone using their own laptop or device to connect.

The Morton Grove Public Library may suspend or terminate a patron's computer privileges if the Library reasonably believes that the patron has violated any portion of this policy.

The following applies to the use of public computers in all departments:

  • When making reservations for library computers or checking out laptops, individuals must use their own library cards. Patrons may not use other individuals' library cards, including those of other family members.
  • The Morton Grove Public Library is not responsible for damage to a patron's storage device, or for any loss or corruption of data, damage to user hardware or storage, or liability that may occur from patron use of the Library's computer, software or WiFi network.
  • The Morton Grove Public Library has no control over, and is not responsible for, the availability or accuracy of the information from sites not created by or maintained by the Morton Grove Public Library. Only web pages with the MGPL logo are provided and maintained by the Morton Grove Public Library. Users of public PC access computer stations and laptops are solely responsible for the evaluation and use of data they gather from the Internet.
  • Information on the Internet may be erroneous; out-of-date; illegal or considered offensive; and/or controversial or sexually explicit. Computer users have sole responsibility for identifying/avoiding such information.
  • • The Library does not filter content on any public computers. Therefore, parents are encouraged to work closely with their children to develop good Internet safety skills, which are consistent with their family's values and boundaries; see, for example, Child Safety on the Information Highway, ( and The Library does provide non-Internet computers and tablets with educational software for young children, and parents of children in 6th grade, 12 years old and younger are required to complete a Parental Consent Form before their child can use an Internet computer unattended.
  • MGPL staff will not enter any data into a website on behalf of, nor complete an online form for, any Library patron.
  • Users may not use the Library's computers for illegal activities. Because the Library is a public place, the displaying of sexually suggestive objects or pictures is in violation of the Morton Grove Village Code (6-1-5) and could be in violation of state and Federal obscenity laws (720 ILCS 5/11-20 and 720 ILCS 670/0.01 et seq.; U.S. Code Title 18, Chapter 110 and Title 47, 223 and 231). It is the responsibility of the user to respect the Morton Grove Village ordinance on obscenity and refrain from displaying such images.
  • It is the responsibility of the user to respect copyright laws and licensing agreements, and to assume responsibility for payment of fees for any fee-based service.
  • Users may not use the Library's computers to interfere with or disrupt other users, services or equipment. Disruptions include, but are not limited to, harassment, distribution of unsolicited advertising, propagation of computer viruses, or attempts to make unauthorized entry to other computers.
  • Users must respect the privacy of other computer users. This includes not representing yourself as another user, not modifying passwords, not trying to gain access to someone else's data, not "hovering" over other users while waiting for a computer, and not viewing and/or commenting on a neighboring computer user's screen contents (without permission).
  • The Library does not retain records of content accessed or personal information submitted on the public computers except in cases of illegal activity. 

Approved by the Morton Grove Public Library Board of Trustees, July 9, 2015.



Desktop Computer Procedures

Departmental time limits

All users -- adult, teen, YS -- are limited to a total of 3 hours of computer time per day. For adult users, this time can be split between Internet PCs and Express stations, but it does not mean 3 hours of time on each type of computer.

MGPL staff reserve the right to add additional time per patron’s request when there are three or more computers left available for walk-ins. Staff may extend a computer session for a patron taking a test, filling out a long form, or completing a financial transaction.

Adult computers

  • Sessions are 2 hours, with up to two 30-minute extensions. Unlimited number of sessions.
  • Computers may be reserved up to 3 days in advance.

Adult express stations

  • Sessions are 15 minutes plus one 5-minute extension. Unlimited number of sessions.
  • No reservations.

YS computers

  • Sessions are 30 minutes, with three 30-minute extensions. Unlimited number of sessions.
  • Computers may be reserved up to 7 days in advance.


  • There is no limit to the number of sessions (sign-ins) a user can have in one day, as long as the total computer time does not exceed the limits stated below.
  • Computers are available from the time the Library opens until 5 minutes before closing time; all sessions automatically end 5 minutes prior to closing (users are made aware of the time available, based on the session ending 5 minutes prior to closing, when they sign in).
  • Unused reservations and unused portions of a session (after a user signs out) are not counted against the daily limits stated below.
  • All computer stations are available on a first-come, first-served basis to users who have not exceeded their time allotment provided there are no advance reservations for that time slot.
  • Printing is available from all Adult computers and wirelessly at 10¢ per page. There is no charge for printouts from YS computers or from catalog computers.
  • The Library's public computers are intended for use by a single individual only. In all cases, because of limited space and in consideration of other Library patrons, a maximum of two persons may sit and/or work together at any one computer. If disruptions occur because of overcrowding at any of the terminals, staff may ask all non-users to leave the computer station.
  • Public PCs do not support any e-mail clients; only web-based e-mail services are accessible. MGPL does not provide e-mail accounts.
  • Computer users are expected to have sufficient skills (keyboard, mouse, Internet, Microsoft Office) to enable them to use the computer on their own; library staff can provide only very limited assistance. Adult users needing more extensive assistance are encouraged to register for one of the library's computer or Internet workshops or for a Book-a-Librarian one-on-one tutorial session. 


Laptop Computer Procedures

  • Laptops are available first-come, first-served for In-Library Use Only. A laptop may not be reserved in advance.

  • Laptops may be checked out for two hours (within the library building) with one renewal for an additional two hours if no one is waiting for one.

  • Laptops may be checked out from the time the library opens until 45 minutes prior to closing and must be returned to the desk 20 minutes prior to closing.

  • Laptops will be loaned to MGPL cardholders 13 years or older.

  • Borrowers must provide a photo ID, which will be held until the laptop is returned to the desk.

  • One laptop checked out per card.

  • Borrowers will accrue a $5 late fee if the laptop is returned late.  An additional $5 fee is added for each hour until the laptop is returned.

  • It is the borrower’s full responsibility and fiscal liability for any and all costs associated with damage, loss, or theft to the laptop and the associated accessories during the period it is checked out. 


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