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Credit Card Policy

This policy facilitates Library purchases and establishes guidelines for the distribution and use of credit cards issued by the Library for staff use.

Credit card accounts will be established in the name of the Morton Grove Public Library; cards will be issued with specific employee’s name.

Retail store-issued cards, such as Best Buy or Staples, for example, are required to be used at the issuer’s store in order to ensure tax-exempt purchases. They will be kept in the Administrative office and given to staff only when needed for a specific purchase. All staff must clear their purchases with their department head.

Credit cards will be used for registration and travel expenses related to conferences and/or workshops, prepayment for materials when required by a vendor, online purchases of Library materials and equipment, as well as for all other purchases where practical.

Library credit cards must be used for proper Library purposes. Any personal use of Library credit cards is strictly prohibited and may result in disciplinary action up to or including termination.

A credit card will be issued to the Director, whose account will be the umbrella account for all other accounts. The director will have cards issued for each department in the department head’s name, and to other staff as appropriate based on their need.


Credit Card Oversight and Audit

Prior to initial receipt of a credit card, each individual must agree to and sign the “Credit Card Policy Employee Acknowledgement” document.

Department heads are responsible for all use of their department’s credit card by members of their department.

Library credit cards shall be safeguarded to prevent loss or theft of public funds or unauthorized use, with monthly statements reviewed and approved by the Administrative Assistant and the Director.

In the event of activity which does not comply with this policy, or in case of unauthorized use of the credit card, appropriate disciplinary action, up to or including termination, will be taken. In addition, the employee will be required to reimburse the Library for any improper credit card purchases.

Credit cards are the property of the Library and must be returned to the Administrative office upon termination of employment with the Library. The Administrative Assistant is required to immediately close such credit card accounts.

Payment of the monthly balance must be made by the Administrative Assistant in such a fashion that no finance charges are incurred. Because failure to pay a credit card invoice will directly affect one or more staff members’ personal credit ratings, the Administrative Assistant is responsible for ensuring that adequate procedures are in place to guarantee prompt payment of all credit card invoices, including but not limited to regular checking of credit card accounts online.


Credit Card Policy Employee Acknowledgement

I hereby acknowledge that I have received a copy of Morton Grove Public Library’s Credit Card Policy. I have read this policy and clarified with my supervisor any questions regarding its provisions. I understand that as the cardholder I am personally responsible for all charges incurred on the credit card in the event that, through error or otherwise, such charge are not paid by the Library. I agree to comply with all the requirements contained therein and understand that appropriate disciplinary action will be taken if I am found in violation of the policy and that the Library will require restitution if the credit card is used improperly.


Approved by the Morton Grove Public Library Board of Trustees, April 13, 2017.


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