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Exhibit and Display Policy

The Morton Grove Public Library provides several exhibit and display spaces that can be used by the Library and/or community members and groups for displaying artwork and collections.   All exhibits and displays must contribute positively to the Library environment, be appropriate for the Library setting, and serve the cultural, educational and informational needs of the Morton Grove community.

The Library determines what materials will be displayed as well as scheduling, duration, and assignment of display spaces.  All applicants will be notified of the outcome of their proposal by e-mail or phone. The Library’s decision as to what is displayed in its exhibit and display spaces is final. The library reserves the right to remove any item from an exhibition or display.


Approved by the Morton Grove Public Library Board of Trustees, March 12, 2015; Revised and approved January 14, 2016.



Exhibit Proposal Submission and Agreement Forms


Selection Criteria
The Library staff evaluates exhibit and display proposals based on the following criteria:

  • Relevance of subject matter to the Library’s mission, collections, and resources
  • Historical and educational significance to the community
  • Popular appeal to wide audiences and diverse community interests
  • Professional treatment of exhibition content
  • Quality of exhibition design, implementation, artistic merit, and originality
  • Suitability to and availability of Library exhibition spaces
  • Connection to other exhibitions or programs in the community


Items on display in the Library will be given the same security as the Library collection and equipment; the glass display cases are locked, but irreplaceable items or items of great value should not be included in the display.


Exhibit Areas
The responsibility for design and placement of all display materials and signage rests with the owner(s) of the displayed items.  Likewise, the responsibility for the installation and dismantling of an exhibit/display rests with the individual owner(s) of the material.  Both installation and dismantling should conform to the exhibit dates approved in advance and be facilitated by Library maintenance staff. No storage will be provided for exhibit/display materials before or after the scheduled installation or dismantling.

The library has three main exhibition areas:

  • The Baxter Room Gallery has a pre-installed Walker Hanging System and offers about 40 linear feet of wall space for hanging framed art on two walls. 
  • Long metal hooks in six different lengths are hung from metal tracks along side walls and adjustable cams can be positioned at the desired height for hanging of works.  Paintings, photographs, and other artwork should be framed with picture wire firmly positioned.  No adhesives, nails, or other hardware may be affixed to the walls or other surfaces.
  • Gallery lighting is mounted on both sides of the Baxter Room ceiling with canisters directed toward the walls for illumination of artwork. 
  • Exhibitors may submit a biographical statement, which will be posted by the Library in an acrylic frame near the exhibit.
  • This display area is facilitated by the Adult Services Department and more information can be requested by calling 847-929-5101 or
  • The Lincoln Ave. Entrance Display Case is used to display collections and small works of art.
  • The display case is an in-wall unit, 1ft deep and 6ft long by 4ft high. The display case is illuminated from the top of the case and contains two pairs of shelf racks for adjustable acrylic and glass shelving.
  • This display area is facilitated by the Adult Services Department and more information can be requested by calling 847-929-5101 or
  • The Lincoln Ave. Entrance Stairway Display Case is used to display children’s collections. 
  • The display case is a stand-alone display unit 5.5ft tall and 3.5ft x2.5ft on its sides.  The display case contains three glass shelves within allowing for additional tiered displays. 
  • This display area is facilitated by the Youth Services Department and more information can be requested by calling 847-929-9102 or



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