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Library Cards 

Any resident of Morton Grove may obtain a library card, renewable every three years, by filling out an application form at the Library's Circulation Desk and presenting a photo ID; if the photo ID does not include the applicant's current Morton Grove address, one of the following must also be presented to verify the address:

  • drivers license or state ID card
  • recent piece of first class mail (dated within the past two months)
  • mortgage or lease papers
  • vehicle registration or insurance card
  • utility bill
  • bank statement

Identification used for proof of residency must have the applicant's name and current Morton Grove address (or a parent's/guardian's name in the case of a child). New cards can be used immediately.

Resident Cards

Adult Cards

All Morton Grove residents 18 years of age or older are eligible for adult library cards, subject to the identification requirements stated above.

Youth Cards

A youth library card will be issued to anyone under the age of 18. A parent's or guardian's identification (see above) and signature on the application form are required, acknowledging the responsibility of the parent/guardian for loss or damage of library material loaned to the child. There is no lower age limit for a child to obtain a library card. If the child can't print or sign his/her name, the parent may sign for the child.

Borrowing by Children:   The Morton Grove Public Library does not restrict access to materials based on the age of the borrower; such limitations are the responsibility of the parent or guardian. However, parents/guardians may choose to prevent their child from borrowing R-rated DVDs and videotapes by completing and returning to the Library's Circulation Desk a "DVD and Videotape Loan Form." With this form on file, a child will be permitted to borrow DVD's and videotapes, from both the Youth Services and Adult Departments, rated G, PG, and PG-13, as well as unrated DVD's and videotapes. These forms expire on the child's 18th birthday. See also Parental Access to Information at the bottom of this page.


Non-Resident Cards

Cards from Other Libraries

Residents of other Illinois towns may use cards from their home library at the Morton Grove Public Library as part of the Reciprocal Borrowing Program (RBP). This applies to all residents in the north and northwest suburbs (libraries that were formerly members of the North Suburban Library System) and residents served by most other libraries in Illinois, including Chicago. Upon confirmation with the patron's home library that the card is in good standing, the patron's registration information, including home library card barcode number, will be entered into the Library's computer system; RBP patrons will not be issued Morton Grove Public Library cards. RBP applicants must show one of the forms of identification listed above. RBP registration is valid for one year from the date of application, or until the expiration date of the home library card, whichever comes first. Restrictions on the types or number of materials that may be borrowed by RBP patrons may be imposed.

Non-Resident Tax-Payer Card

Non-residents who own property in Morton Grove are eligible for library cards. One family card will be issued per parcel of land. No additional cards may be issued for family members. In addition to showing one of the forms of identification listed above as proof of their home (non-Morton Grove) address, applicants must also present their most recent property tax receipt for the Morton Grove property. The library card will be made out to the responsible family member, but other family members who may use the card will be listed on the application. The same service policies apply to this type of card as to resident cards. The patron may retain the card; it does not remain at the Library. Non-resident tax-payer cards are valid for one year. To renew the card, the new year's property tax bill is required as proof of continued property ownership.

Non-Resident Fee Cards

Non-residents who do not own property in Morton Grove may purchase a family library card for up to ten family members living at the same address. Each family member will have his/her own card, although one adult family member's name will be listed as the primary cardholder. The same service policies apply to this type of card as to resident cards. The cost of a non-resident fee card is based on the Library's tax rate and is updated each year; for the current cost, please contact the Library's Circulation Desk at 847-929-5103.

To prevent "card shopping" (purchasing a non-resident fee card at the library with the lowest fee) the State of Illinois has established rules to determine at which library a non-resident may apply for a card. Generally, this is the library serving the school district in which the person lives; for complete information, see Public Library Non-Resident Services (Adopted at 26 Ill. Reg. 5974, effective July 1, 2002.)


Special Use Cards

Business-Use-Only Library Cards

An owner of a business located in Morton Grove may apply for a Business-Use-Only library card even if the business owner does not live in Morton Grove. Business-Use-Only cards must be requested in writing, on the business's letterhead, by a principal official of the business or an official with the authority to assume financial responsibility for assessed fees or fines. The request must include  the names of all employees authorized to use a card.  The business owner or other official must also complete a Business-Use-Only Library Card application form (this form can be completed at the library). Individual cards will be issued to each employee, with the list of users kept on file at the Library.  Morton Grove Business-Use-Only cards are only valid at the Morton Grove Public Library and cannot be used to borrow materials or access services at other libraries. Business-Use-Only cards are valid for one year from the original issue date. To renew existing cards or add new users, a new written request must be submitted each year.

Business-Use-Only card holders are eligible to request the Cooperman Board room for non-commercial business use in line with the current MGPL meeting room policy and procedures.

Business-Use-Only cards come with the following restrictions:

  • Materials borrowed are to be pertinent to the borrower's job; this card is not intended to replace a personal library card.
  • The authorized business official's signature on the written request signifies the business's acknowledgement of financial responsibility for any unreturned materials, damage and/or late fees that are incurred by the individuals authorized as card users on the Business-Use-Only Card written request.
  • The card may not be used to access eBooks and other downloadable media.
  • These cards may not be used to place interlibrary loan requests.
  • Databases must be accessed within the library either on a library computer or on a personal laptop.
  • Feature film DVDs and feature film Blu-Ray’s may not be checked out with a Business-Use-Only card.

School-Use-Only Library Cards

Teachers employed at eligible schools, pre-schools, or licensed day care centers may apply for a School-Use-Only library card. This School-Use-Only card will be issued at the written request of the school principal, director or school librarian on school letterhead, and must list the names of all teachers authorized to use the card. Individual cards will be issued in the name of the each teacher listed in the written request and kept on file at the Library, as the privileges extended are for the Morton Grove Public Library only, and not for other libraries. A written request must be re-submitted each year for the renewal of the individual cards. A teacher using a School-Use-Only card will be asked to provide ID before each use of the card.

The School-Use-Only cards may not be used to reserve any Library materials, to place interlibrary loan requests, or to borrow feature videos/DVDs. Other materials may be excluded from teacher-loan eligibility at the discretion of the Director, Head of Adult Reference, Head of Youth Services or the Young Adult Services Librarian. Materials loaned on this School-Use-Only card will have a teacher loan period of six weeks with an option for one three-week renewal. The Library reserves the right not to renew the materials based on demand. A list of materials charged to a School-Use-Only card will be provided to the borrower. The items checked out should be checked against this list and the Library notified immediately of any discrepancies; otherwise, the school or day care center will be held responsible for all titles listed. The authorized school or day care official's signature on the written request signifies the school's acknowledgement of financial responsibility for any unreturned materials, damage and/or late fees that are incurred by the teachers authorized as card users on the School-Use-Only Card written request.


Other Library Card Policies

Parental Access to Information

Only information pertaining to Library materials -- items currently charged, and unpaid fines on returned materials -- will be provided to a child's parent/guardian, and only to those parents/guardians who are listed on the child's registration record. No personal information, such as an address or phone number, will be given out to anyone, parent or guardian.

Renewing Library Cards

All resident card types listed above are valid for 3 years from the date of application; all other types are valid for 1 year. At any point after a card has expired, it can be renewed for a new 3-year/1-year period. For personal cards, identification must be shown at the time of renewal; the same types of identification as listed above for new applications are accepted.

Lost Cards

To avoid unauthorized use, lost cards should be reported to the Library's Circulation Desk immediately. There is a $1 replacement charge for a lost card, and identification must be shown (see list above.)

Reciprocal Borrowing Privileges

Morton Grove residents with valid personal library cards (not business-use-only or school-use-only cards), and non-residents with fee cards or tax-payer cards, may check out materials from any north and northwest suburban public library (libraries that were formerly members of the North Suburban Library System), from the Chicago Public Library, and from most other public libraries in Illinois with their Morton Grove Public Library card. These reciprocal borrowing privileges are subject to the policies of the lending library, and may include limits on the types or number of materials that may be borrowed. A patron may return materials borrowed from other libraries to the Morton Grove Public Library, but the patron to whom the materials are checked out is responsible for the materials until they are received by the lending library and cleared from the patron's record.


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