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Social Networking Policy

The Morton Grove Public Library maintains a presence on various social networking sites to advance the Library’s mission and to promote library materials, programs and services, and to facilitate communication between library staff and the public.

Library staff will follow these guidelines when posting on the Library’s social networking sites:

  • Postings will be professional and reflect well on the Morton Grove Public Library and the Morton Grove community.
  • Postings will be written in accordance with the Privacy and Confidentiality of Patron-Identifiable Information Policy; disclosing confidential business and patron information is strictly prohibited.

MGPL social media accounts are open to posts and comments by the general public.  Library staff moderate content of the postings. 

The following content is considered inappropriate:

  • Comments or links not relevant to the discussion topic or to library events, services, programs or policies
  • Material that is obscene, discriminatory, libelous or malicious
  • Posts and comments that include insults, threatening, harassing or intimidating language, personal attacks or unsupported accusations
  • Postings violating copyright, trademark or other intellectual property rights
  • Private, personal, or confidential information submitted without consent
  • Posts and comments created to impersonate or misrepresent
  • Commercial promotions, political and religious propaganda, and spam

The Morton Grove Public Library reserves the right to remove posted content that does not comply with this policy. 

Abuse of the Social Networking Policy may result in a warning and subsequent banning of the poster from posting to the Library social media site(s).



Approved by the Morton Grove Public Library Board of Trustees, September 18, 2014
Reviewed and approved September 10, 2015;
Revised and approved October 12, 2017

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