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Local History

The original MGPL building, circa 1952.

Morton Grove Public Library houses a collection of local history items that cannot be checked out but can be requested for in-library use. A full list of local history items is available in our catalog. If you would like to view any of these items, contact the Info Desk at 847-929-5101 or

For a more comprehensive collection of artifacts from Morton Grove history, you can contact the Morton Grove Historical Museum at 847-965-0203 or 

MGPL's local history collection includes:

Newspapers (in print and microfilm)
  • The Bugle, January 1968 to present
  • Morton Grove Champion, March 1960 to present
  • Morton Grove Life, January 1967 to October 2004
  • Morton Grove News, January 1961 to August 1984
  • Niles East Nilehilite, 1957-1980
Oral Histories
We have over 50 audio interviews with Morton Grove residents, from the 1970s through the present. Full transcripts and audio on CD and digital are available for in-library use. Find the full list of interviews at (see right) or in the catalog under the "Oral history interviews" series
Newsletters from local organizations
  • American Legion Post no. 134, 1958-2005
  • League of Women Voters of Morton Grove/Niles, 1983-88
  • Morton Grove Little League, 1960-75
  • PALS Letter Gals, 1943-45
High School Yearbooks
  • Niles North Saga, 1965-70, 72-79, 81 to present
  • Niles West Spectrum, 1962-64, 69-72, 74, 76, 79-81, 83 to present
  • Niles Township/East Reflections, 1937-44, 50-61, 63-64


  • Walking In Time: Morton Grove, 1895-1995
  • Barbara Todd Presents: Memories of Old Morton Grove


Recognize this building? Once Joe Hoss’ Florist Exchange (in addition to several other businesses, including a butcher shop), this building, one of the oldest extant commercial ones in the village, is today our very own Bringer Inn. 


MGPL is partnering with the Morton Grove Historical Museum on My Morton Grove, a local stories project focusing on the lives of Morton Grove residents. The goals of the project are to record and preserve stories—in oral, written, and audiovisual form—from Morton Grove's diverse community residents about their lives, and to advance the understanding that everyone's story is worth telling.

Visit for photos and interviews from the Morton Grove community.

If you or someone you know would be interested in sitting down for a recorded interview, or would be interested in contributing in other ways, please complete the form below or contact Chad Comello, Adult Services Librarian, at or 847-929-5108.

Interview Interest Form


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