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PLEASE NOTE:  These archives cover 1996-2016, when Fiction_L was managed by the Morton Grove Public Library.  

As of June 15, 2016, the list is now managed by the Cuyahoga County Public Library, with archives of postings after that date on the Cuyahoga site.


The archives contain the complete record of all topics discussed on Fiction_L, from the list's first message in December 1995 up through messages posted June 14, 2016. Chronological and subject lists are available on a month-by-month basis if you know approximately when the topic you're interested in was discussed, or you can search the entire archives for relevant terms. Many discussion topics, or threads, end with the posting of a compiled list of titles or authors; most of these lists are collected in the Fiction_L Booklist pages to make them more easily accessible.


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  • Standard searches use vector technology, which makes natural language queries very efficient without your having to worry about Boolean and's and or's. Simply enter your search phrase as you would speak or write it; for example, books about an English professor and a detective. The list of matching threads will indicate which words from your search phrase were found in each thread.

  • Most singular/plural and verb tense combinations are searched automatically regardless of which form of the word you include in your search phrase.

  • You may also use Boolean searching: use & for "and," | (vertical bar) for "or," or ! for "not."

  • Every archives page has a search form; you never need to return to this page to do a new search.

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