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Many discussion topics on Fiction_L, the Morton Grove Public Library's mailing list for reader's advisory issues, result in compilations of books on a particular theme, authors with similar styles, etc. Many of these booklists are then made available on our web site, accessible through the index below. They are arranged in the following categories:

  • Genre: books of a particular literary type, such as mystery, horror, romance, etc.

  • Character: books with a particular type of character, such as little old lady sleuths, gardeners, single women, etc.

  • Setting: books set in particular times or places, such as prehistoric novels, medieval mysteries, books about Vietnam, frontier novels, etc., -- the location of a story's actions, along with the time in which the actions occur.

  • Subject: the topic or thing described, or style written in, such as hiking and backpacking fiction, humorous novels, and interracial romance, etc.

  • Author: lists of regional, ethnic, culture-inspired authors, etc., and read-alikes for a specific author, such as Latina or New England authors and Rosamunde Pilcher read-alikes.

  • Audience: books aimed at a particular audience, such as book club members, teens, seniors, etc.

  • "Best of": lists of best titles of a particular year, best older books, etc.

  • Miscellaneous: booklists not falling into any of the other categories.

Because of the nature of the booklists, the dividing lines between the categories are often fuzzy. In addition, a booklist may appear in more than one category (except for those listed under Miscellaneous).


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