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Fiction_L Has Moved

As of June 15, 2016, Fiction_L is now managed by the Cuyahogo County Public Library.

The new posting address is

If you are already subscribed to Fiction_L, you don't need to do anything: the subscriber lists were transferred to the Cuyahoga list server.  For additional information, visit the new Fiction_L web page or contact the new list manager at .


Posting Guidlines

Fiction_L is considered unmoderated in that members post messages directly to the list, without pre-screening by the list manager. While this encourages a free flow of opinions on the list, it also places responsibility on the subscribers for following the guidelines below. These guidelines are necessary to ensure that the list operates as efficiently as possible. While there is not a strict posting policy, we ask that all messages relate, however slightly, to the main topics of our forum. We encourage you to post your questions, opinions, and advice to Fiction_L as frequently as you wish.

If you ever have any questions concerning Fiction_L, from posting problems to subscribe/unsubscribe problems or anything else, please contact the Fiction_L Manager, Natalya Fishman; please do not post them to the list.

When Posting to Fiction_L ...

  1. Always include a brief but descriptive subject line for your message. Subjects such as "Looking for a book," "A question," or "Book request" make it very difficult or even impossible to track down a particular thread in the archives.

  2. If you have two (or more) questions to post to the list, always send them as separate messages, with appropriate subject lines. Combining them into a single message makes it nearly impossible to keep the two resulting discussion topics separate as people reply to your questions.

  3. Please sign your name and e-mail address to the bottom of the message so other members of the list know who posted the message.

  4. Always send your messages in plain text. Messages that include HTML or rich text (RTF) formatting are nearly impossible for a majority of list subscribers to read because many e-mail programs do not support formatting (for an example of what such a subscriber will see if you include formatting, see the first posting in the Looking for Lost Web Site thread in the Fiction_L Archives). Because of this, the list server will return to you (un-posted) any message that appears to include HTML or RTF formatting.

  5. Your postings should not include any type of attachment (enclosure). This includes sending compiled lists as attachments (if you compile them in a word processor, copy the final list from there into an e-mail message), signature file attachments, and ".vcf" attachments (an address-book entry) ; you may need to change your e-mail settings to turn off the latter two attachment types. Messages containing an attachment will be returned to you (un-posted) by the list server because attachments are not compatible with the digest or archives, and require other subscribers to have a compatible program to read your message.

  6. Before posting a request that asks for ideas for a booklist, please check the Fiction_L Booklists page to see if such a list has already been compiled. If there is one, but it needs updating, please include the URL for the existing version in your posting so subscribers can use that as a starting point and avoid suggesting titles already included.

  7. If you have posted a question that results in subscribers suggesting books (on a specific theme, for example), we ask that you post to the list a compiled list of the suggested books. The list should be posted as a regular, plain-text e-mail message, not as an attachment. When you post the compilation, please use the original subject, followed by the words "Compiled List." This will enable the compilation to be easily merged into the rest of the thread. To use a list in your library, book club, etc., please include the following credit line: "Compiled by the subscribers of the Fiction_L mailing list." These lists may not be used for commercial purposes.

  8. If you post a survey, such as those needed for library school research papers, please ask respondents to reply directly to you, not to the list. You can then post compiled results to the list.

  9. Send requests such as, "Please fax me...", "Please email me..." directly to the person you want to ask for such a favor. If you think that posting the requested information would be useful for all Fiction_L subscribers, please ask the person to post it to the list for everyone's benefit.

  10. Please refrain from including your personal views and opinions on such sensitive topics as politics and religion, etc. in your postings. Remember that all postings are permanently available to all Internet users via the Fiction_L archives. We also ask that subscribers not post requests asking for donation.

  11. If you are going on vacation and will be setting up an "I'm on vacation" auto-reply message in your e-mail system, please be sure to unsubscribe from Fiction_L (and other lists) while you're away. If you don't, your mail server will send your "I'm on vacation" response back to the list server every time a Fiction_L posting is sent out. (The Fiction_L list server does not have a "suspend" function; in order to stop receiving postings, you'll need to unsubscribe and then resubscribe when you return.)

When Replying to a Fiction_L Posting...

  1. Never alter the message's original subject line (other than adding "Re:" at the beginning, which your e-mail program should do automatically). Altered subjects prevent your messages from being added to the proper web page in the Fiction_L archives. Please do not add "thank you," "reply," etc. to the subject of the message. The only exceptions are compiled lists (see above) and replying to digests (see next item).

  2. If you are a digest subscriber, please copy the entire subject heading of the specific posting to which you're replying and paste it into your reply's subject line (preceeded with "Re:"), replacing the entire "Fiction_L Digest" subject line (including the date and number).

  3. Please edit the copy of the original message that's included in your reply, leaving only those parts that are pertinent to your reply. This is especially important for Fiction_L digest subscribers; please do not include the entire digest in your reply!

Finally, Fiction_L has always been a very "friendly" list. In fact, there has never been a need to ask a subscriber to refrain from making inappropriate comments (see item 10, above). Nonetheless, we do reserve the right to remove subscribers from the list (after sufficient warnings) for repeated inappropriate postings.


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