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Library History

original library buildingThe Morton Grove Public Library was established in 1938, with federal WPA financial assistance supplementing community action in response to the educational and cultural needs of a growing community.

Beginning with a volunteer staff and 300 books collected through donations placed in a barrel at Village Hall, the first Library was opened using floor space in a store at 6100 Lincoln Avenue. After moves to the 6200 block of Lincoln and then to the second floor of the Callie Ave. fire station, the library finally moved to its present location in 1952 with the construction of the first dedicated library building (at right). The current library consists of this original structure plus two additions (1963, 1980).

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75th Anniversary

As part of MGPL's year-long 75th anniversary celebration in 2013, a series of panels was created for selected years in the library's history, highlighting important events, statistics and facts about the library, Morton Grove, and the nation. These panels, which were displayed in the library, present a fascinating comparison of library services and national events across nine decades.

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