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Early Literacy Apps 

Apps have been reviewed and selected by YS staff and are available on the Youth Services iPad for patrons to try. Additional apps may appear on the iPad that do not appear in this list.

The Library does not offer the following apps for download or checkout. Apps on the list below can be obtained through iTunes or the App Store. Some may be available through Google Play or the Android Market. Prices of apps vary.

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ABC 123 Blocks = Learning Tool for Toddlers by Playtend Apps LLP and SmarTots  

Games help toddlers learn the alphabet, count, play music, and match animals to the outlines of their shapes.


AlphaTots by Spinlight Studio  

Each letter of the alphabet is introduced with a verb that begins with that letter. After learning about the verb hammer, for instance, children can hammer nails into a birdhouse.


Animal Train - First Word by CFC s.r.o.

Select from one of seven habitats and move the animals from that habitat on your train when prompted to do so. This app tests young readers' audio and visual recognition of animal names and colors.


Bugs and Buttons by Little Bit Studio, LLC.

Eighteen fun games teach little ones various ways to manipulate a tablet while they practice making patterns, counting, tic-tac-toe, sorting, connecting the dots, navigating a maze, and finding the missing letter in the alphabet.


Feed me! by Pencilbot Preschool Learning Center (American English or Mexican Spanish)

A thought bubble appears over the head of our friendly monster. If he thinks of "yellow," select the yellow item and drag that item to his mouth. Correct answers make the monster cheer! Incorrect answers make his belly turn.


Fish School by Duck Duck Moose

Eight different games use colorful, beautiful fish to teach the alphabet, counting, shapes, matching, and colors.


Funky Fruitilicious by ONCE

This free app includes two games: 1. Count off the adorable smiling fruits along with the app. 2. In a parade of sunglass-wearing fruits, spot the strawberries, oranges, or mangoes.


Peek-a-Zoo by Duck Duck Zoo

From a group of eight adorable animals, find the friendly face that's yawning, making a phone call, or listening to music. A voiceover announces each question: "Who is trying to hide?" The animals' voices are appropriately cute and funny.


Shapes & Puzzles by Pirate Trio

Four fun games challenge children to create an image of a steam train, for instance, from a group of blocks. The app provices assistance, hinting where each shape belongs on the screen.


Spot the Dot by David A. Carter and Ruckus Media Group, Inc.

Pop-up book artist David A. Carter takes children on an unexpected journey spotting colored dots in increasingly fascinating and challenging visual landscapes.


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