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Educational Apps 

Apps have been reviewed and selected by YS staff and are available on the Youth Services iPad for patrons to try. 

The Library does not offer the following apps for download or checkout. Apps on the list below can be obtained through iTunes or the App Store. Some may be available through Google Play or the Android Market. Prices of apps vary.

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Bobo Explores Light iPad App

Bobo Explores Light by Game Collage, LLC

Bobo the robot explores aspects of light: lightning, fire, lasers, color, photosynthesis, auroras, and more. Pages on each subject offer an informative video, fun facts, and a brief article containing more details. Bobo makes an excellent guide.


BrainPOP Featured Movie by BrainPOP

BrainPOP is a subscription-based website offering videos and related activities on subjects of interest to elementary school students. This app features a movie-of-the-day and includes three free movies on each of the seven major subject areas.


Dinosaur Zoo by Andrew Kerr and dotnamestudios

Touch the screen to watch dinosaurs in action. Sometimes they're eating, sometimes defecating, and sometimes they attack your screen! Information about each dinosaur displays its size compared to humans, shows when and where it lived, and describes most recent discoveries about its life on Earth.


Easy Chinese Writing (Simplified) - I Write Chinese by Uniproducts Company Ltd

Trace Chinese characters then hear the word you've written in Chinese, English, French, and Spanish.


How It Works: Machines by Geek Kids and Next is Great

Want to learn how a locomotive works? Slide each part of the train's interior over an outline of the image to see where it fits. Once all the pieces are in place, add some coal and watch how energy moves through the train to set it in motion.


Math Guardians by Jiayi Chong

A life force from another planet intends to take over Earth. In order to stop it, you must successfully complete challenges in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division to store up enough energy to combat the alien robots.


Mini-Monsters by Partners, LLC

Close-up images of insects and worms offer a rare perspective on these tiny creatures. Information boxes provide Latin and common names, share fascinating facts, and describe how these incredible images are captured.


NASA Visualization Explorer by NASA

See Earth and other parts of our galaxy through the lens of NASA scientists. Videos and satellite images offer introductions to incredible stories about an exploded star, spacecraft, American wildfires, Saturn's moon Phoebe, and more. New and timely articles are added regularly.


Science 360 for iPad by National Science Foundation

Explore realms of science applicable to our everyday lives, including recent studies into the health of newborn ducks, spinning spider silk from goats' milk, and designing the safest helmets for athletes.


Virtual History ROMA by Arnoldo Mondadori Editore S.p.A.

Spin a 3D model of a gladiator for an enhanced study of his shield, helmet, and sword. Gaze into a 3D view of an historical site as it appears in the present and appeared in the past. This app allows readers to interact with information in ways unique to the tablet experience.


World Book's World of Animals by World Book, Inc.

Did you know that cobras hiss and growl at the same time? What a terrifying sound! Learn other cool facts about these and other amazing animals. Select two animals to create a comparison chart. Then read cool facts about an animal and guess to which animal that fact applies.



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