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Storybook Apps 

Apps have been reviewed and selected by YS staff and are available on the Youth Services iPad for patrons to try. Additional apps may appear on the iPad that do not appear in this list.

The Library does not offer the following apps for download or checkout. Apps on the list below can be obtained through iTunes or the App Store. Some may be available through Google Play or the Android Market. Prices of apps vary.

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ABC by Paul McDougall

This storybook app doesn't have any frills. Just turn the pages and enjoy meeting Ashley, Ben, Chelsea, and the other oddly adorable creatures representing each letter of the alphabet.


The Artifacts by Dan Hare and Slap Happy Larry

Meet Asaf, collector of fine art and precious antiques. When Asaf's parents discard his treasured collections, he feels betrayed and alone. Each page of this odd story offers thoughtful and purposeful interactive animation.


Boats by Byron Barton and Oceanhouse Media, Inc.

The interactive features of this board-book favorite let toddlers move around the images on each page. When they tap on the image of a rowboat, for instance, the word appears and is read aloud. Tap the story's text to hear a word repeated.


Boom Bah! by Phil Cummings and Nina Rycroft and Kane Miller Books

Boom Bah! tells the fun story of animals forming a parade using household items as instruments. Each page offers an interactive feature, usually allowing readers to make their own "ting" of a spoon against a porcelain mug.


Don't Let the Pigeon Run This App! by Mo Willems and Disney Enterprises

Children can join Mo Willems to create an original Pigeon story. Record your preferences for snack foods, for instance, and listen to your own voice while Mo Willems reads you the story! Also, Mo teaches you to draw the Pigeon!


Fancy Nancy Dress Up by HarperCollins Children's Books and Bean Creative

Select clothes from Fancy Nancy's fabulous dresser for her to try on. Change the background and add stickers. Add images of Fancy Nancy in your favorite outfits to "My Fancy Fashion Story," a storybook about preparing for a fancy party.


IMAG-N-O-TRON: "The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore" Edition by William Joyce and Moonbot Studios, LA, LLC

The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore is a picture book based on an Oscar-winning short film. Now, it's an app featuring augmented reality. Hold the iPad above the open book, and the iPad's camera scans each page. The app reads the story to you, and watch as images on the page change on your iPad screen. Check out the book from MGPL.


Pete the Cat: School Jam by Eric Litwin and James Dean and HarperCollins Publishers

Oh no, Pete's lost his guitar! He needs your help to find it. Turns out he also needs help finding his soccer ball, some crayons, and other lost items. When you're ready to jam, join Pete and his friends on stage to strum his guitar.


Where Do Balloons Go?: An Uplifting Mystery by Jamie Lee Curtis and Laura Cornell and Auryn, Inc.

Jamie Lee Curtis reads her charming, irreverent story about where balloons might go when they float away. During the story, email a postcard, make a balloon animal, and create a constellation in the sky. A Balloon Theater invites you to create your own balloon characters, set them on stage, record your voice over theatrical scenes, and play it all back.



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