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Premium Resource vs. General Websites

What is a premium resource, and why are they often preferable to general websites?

A premium online resource is a collection of information on the Internet that:

  • cannot be found by searching Google or similar search engines; they can only be accessed through links on the library's site

  • often requires payment of an annual subscription cost; the library pays this cost, making access free in the library and enabling Morton Grove library cardholders to use these resources from home or via mobile device


Important differences between premium resources and general websites include:

  Premium Resources Websites
Authorship Contains information obtained from professionals or experts in the field. Can be written by anyone regardless of expertise.
Accuracy Contains published works where facts are checked and editorial process is utilized. Are not necessarily checked by an expert to determine accuracy of the content; information may be inaccurate.
Organization Well-organized, provides advanced searching that can help narrow a topic or suggest related subjects. Often are not organized in a manner to support research needs.
Point of View Usually neutral. May be biased, and without information on authorship or the source of the information, it may be difficult to identify bias.
Timeliness Updated frequently and indicates the date of publication. May not indicate when a page was updated; information may be out-dated.


The Morton Grove Public Library subscribes to over 60 premium resources covering a wide range of subject areas, such as business, language learning, health and medicine, auto repair and much more, and from such well-known sources as Consumer Reports,, Standard & Poor's and World Book.  The complete list can be found on the subject-oriented resources pages, or in a single A-Z list.  

All premium resources are available to all users within the library, and nearly all are available to Morton Grove Public Library cardholders at home and on mobile devices; you will need to enter your library card barcode number and PIN when using these resources outside of the library (your PIN is the last four digits of your home phone unless you have changed it).

If you do not live in Morton Grove, please contact your home library to see if they subscribe to the resources you're interested in using.


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