4 Reasons Graphic Novels Are Great for Reluctant Readers

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January 07, 2020

By James Facer

Categories: Collections, Spotlight, Staff Picks

Do you have a reluctant reader in your family? Someone you think would enjoy reading for fun but hasn’t found the right type of book to get started? Maybe that person is you. Whoever it is, I think graphic novels are an excellent resource for encouraging reluctant readers to pick up a book. Here’s why.


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1. They are less daunting than traditional books

Like comic books, graphic novels are primarily comprised of images or illustrations, with much less text than a typical novel. This means reluctant readers won’t be intimidated or put off by what seems like pages of insurmountable text.


2. They tend to be shorter reads

Don’t you get a satisfying sense of accomplishment after finishing a book? That feeling comes much quicker with graphic novels than with regular novels since processing images takes a lot less time than comprehending text.


3. Even older titles are available

Publishers have started releasing previously published novels as graphic novels as the format has become more popular. Older favorites like Homer’s The Odyssey, Lois Lowry’s The Giver, and Madeleine L’Engle’s A Wrinkle in Time have been redone as graphic novels to stunning effect. They’re a great way encounter something familiar in a brand-new way.


4. There’s something for everyone

Whatever your favorite genre is, I guarantee there’s a graphic novel for you. (Our catalog shows almost 23,000 titles available to check out from our library network!) But if you’re feeling overwhelmed, check out this list I put together of Graphic Novels for Reluctant Readers to get started with the book-averse person in your life. If you do check one (or several) out, stop by the Info Desk to let us know what you think and get some more recommendations.

James Facer is an Adult Services Librarian at the Morton Grove Public Library.