Develop Your Personal Interests and Professional Skills with LinkedIn Learning

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April 22, 2021

By Mark Knox

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Have you tried out LinkedIn Learning? It’s a library database that features expert-led video tutorials you can use to learn business, creative, and technology skills.

It's also the new name and updated interface for what used to be, so if you have used Lynda in the past, rest assured that all the same great content and all your progress on that content has been carried over to LinkedIn Learning.


3 reasons I love LinkedIn Learning

Not to sound overly effusive here, but LinkedIn Learning does such a wide variety of things so well that there is not a great way to summarize why it's so worth your time. But let me try anyway...

1. Stress-free learning

The tutorials available are clear, concise, and broken down so logically and memorably that it really takes away the frustration and stress that can sometimes go along with learning.

2. Lots of tools

If you want to learn a piece of software or skill for work, LinkedIn Learning gives you lots of tools to make sure you are ready to use what you learn in the course in the real world. For example, most software-related courses offer downloadable exercise files you can use to follow along with the course and test your ability independently. LinkedIn Learning offers a complete package of practice files and exams to gauge your growth and ensure you're making progress on whatever skill you are trying to develop.

3. So. Many. Topics.

The breadth of content is impressive. In addition to workplace skills, you'll find content on graphic design, photography, and music production among lots of other topics. It has such a wide variety of great stuff available that the best way to see it is to give it a spin yourself. Access it through our Databases page or this direct link.

Want a quick video tour before you try it? Our latest Digital Spotlight video shows you what to expect when you first open LinkedIn Learning:

Mark Knox is an Adult Services Librarian at Morton Grove Public Library