Florence Selle Juern

Interview Date: February 5, 1990
Interview Location: Narrator’s home, 8604 Fernald, Morton Grove
Interviewer: Yvonne Ryden
Duration: 20 minutes


Florence and her mother lived in several states until her uncle, her mother’s brother, persuaded them to move to Evanston. Upon her mother’s remarriage to Ferdinand Wilke in 1925, Florence moved to Niles, to a farmhouse at 7424 Dempster Street. Florence first met Arthur Juern at the Morton Grove train station as they rode to work in the Loop. Arthur Juern is remembered as the first door-to-door mail carrier in Morton Grove when the village had 1,200 residents. There were two deliveries daily.

Florence has been a loving caregiver during much of her adult life. She raised two sons. She cared for her husband and her mother. Now she is a grandmother and great-grandmother who still finds time to enjoy many activities and some traveling.