3 Crafty Projects Coming Soon to Creativebug

Mark Knox photo

April 11, 2022

By Mark Knox

Categories: Collections, Spotlight

Creativebug is the library’s go-to resource for free arts and crafts video workshops accessible with your library card.

I wanted to highlight some of the upcoming April workshop releases to give you a sense of the neat and novel project ideas you can try. Once they're available, log into Creativebug here (or from the Databases page), create a free account, and get making!


1. Resin Paperweights (Coming April 13)

Craft a moment suspended in time using the distinctive properties of resin. Using a basic paperweight as a simple introductory project, you’ll learn how to select and mix resin, then assemble your project. You can use your finished paperweights as pattern weights for sewing, for sending inspirational messages to friends, or for capturing life's special moments in a unique way.


embroidery creativebug

2. Finishing Embroidery Projects (Coming April 20)

Discover three ways of finishing your embroidery projects to elevate them from a simple piece of fabric to a beautiful object worthy of being displayed. Whether hanging on your wall, turned into ornaments, or crafted into sculptural artworks, this workshop has a wealth of advice on how to achieve finished looks for all your embroidery projects.


creativebug triangle bag

3. Sew the Triangle Bag (Coming April 27)

Sew an origami-inspired triangle bag! This simple and stylish design has been around for generations in Japan, and you can sew it in under an hour, no pattern necessary. Learn how to customize the size of your bag, how to fold the fabric, and how to sew it all together with basic sewing machine skills.

Mark Knox is an Adult Services Librarian at Morton Grove Public Library.