Boost Your Movie Watching with Binge Boxes

Photo of Brenda Ross

December 20, 2019

By Brenda Ross

Categories: Collections, Spotlight, Staff Picks

One of my favorite parts of my job is selecting the Library’s movie collection and making sure we have something for everyone. At the Info Desk I help patrons find movies and offer recommendations based on what they are in the mood to watch. It’s not uncommon to hear things like “I’d like a bunch of 80s comedies” or “my daughter is having a sleepover and she’d like a couple of teen movies”. Just the other day I helped someone find all the movies based on Nicholas Sparks novels.

It’s nothing new to huddle up under your favorite blanket and watch seemingly endless hours of your favorite movies and shows, but recently it’s been given a name: binge watching. And now you can count on us to help fuel your marathon viewing with a single checkout. Introducing… Binge Boxes!


shelves of DVD cases


A Binge Box is a collection of four to six movies following a certain theme, actor, or genre all in one handy DVD case. For example, the “Somethin’ Sappy” box includes The Notebook, Dirty Dancing, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, Never Been Kissed, and When Harry Met Sally. They go out for two weeks and will automatically renew twice if there are no holds.

That’s more than enough time to get through all the movies included, so grab a couple boxes and stock up on the snacks. “Unwrap the Classics” is perfect for the holiday season and “Dude, Where’s My Comedy?” has two of my favorite goofy comedies: Super Troopers and The Big Lebowski.

You can browse our full collection of Binge Boxes in the catalog and right across from the Check-Out Desk, but if you need help or a recommendation please stop by the Info Desk and see me. Happy bingeing!

Brenda Ross is an Adult Services Librarian at the Morton Grove Public Library.