Inspiration at Your Fingertips with Creativebug


December 03, 2019

By Karina Guico

Categories: Spotlight, Staff Picks

This Saturday I’m teaching a craft workshop at the Library on Winter Card Making (register here). When I was looking for inspiration on which craft to try, I turned to one of the Library’s newest online resources: Creativebug.

I’ve used it before and was familiar with what it offered after signing up for a free trial. But I was really excited when I heard my library card now gave me access to this awesome resource and its extensive collection of video tutorials on a variety of craft projects. Here's what I love about Creativebug:


Easy to navigate

From the first page after you sign in, you already get a feel for what the site offers. Bright and pretty photographs present the different types of crafts in a clean and organized way. You can pick from categories like sewing, paper, jewelry, and many more.

Creativebug landing page


Something for every skill level

The site's filters and interface help you narrow down the immense collection to classes that fit not only your skill level but also how much time you want to invest on a particular project. If you are a beginner and only want short classes, they have those, but they also offer longer, more detailed classes if you want to really dive deep.

Tip: The Daily Practice Series is perfect for anyone who wants to practice a technique, create something new, or build on a project little-by-little every day. 


Useful lists

Because of the number of projects available to you on the site, the My Watchlist function is a super useful tool. It allows you to bookmark classes that interest you and get to them when you have the time. On your account page, you’ll find lists of classes you have completed or partially watched with links to those videos so you can easily jump back in or re-watch. 

Creativebug my watchlist


Inspiration at your fingertips

Access to such a collection of craft classes is a great way to get inspired to tackle new projects, try new techniques, and create something handmade. Watching videos on Creativebug is also fantastic way to learn about new crafts and techniques before “getting your hands dirty.” It allows you to see what techniques or supplies go into a specific craft and helps you determine if that is something you want to pursue or not. As a crafter, I think it would be hard to leave the site without a project (or several) that interests you. 

For my class, I found a pop-up card design that I modified to fit my winter-themed workshop. That’s the beauty of Creativebug: it's perfect for getting step-by-step directions throughout an entire project, but also for looking for ideas or new techniques to try. Try it for yourself!


Popup card


Karina Guico is the Graphic Designer at the Morton Grove Public Library.