New Exhibit: A Photographic Adventure in Tapestry and Flowers

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December 09, 2019

By Bob Palas

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The Library is honored to display the work of artist Shirlee Perlow in an exhibit titled “A Photographic Adventure in Tapestry and Flowers”, available for public viewing in the Baxter Auditorium until January 30.

Interested in displaying your own artwork at the Library? Learn more and apply on our Exhibits page.

Shirlee Purlow artwork


About the Exhibit

by Shirlee Perlow

Shirlee is a multimedia artist who combines the disciplines of photography, needle-point embroidery, and sculpture in wood and textile. She also creates vividly colored cotton pearl applique and combines them with bamboo and natural materials to create a full-scale environment.

The appliques are used individually or collectively with her photography to produce a visual experience or unusual artistic expression. The effect is bold and immediate for the viewer. Shirlee uses vibrant and primary colors and expands the traditional notion of intricate needlework into a contemporary art form.

As an African American, her work is influenced by the colorful cloth and bead work found in Africa and India, and by traditional Japanese artscapes. In nature, all colors, shapes, and objects exist and exhibit themselves in many forms. She sees her work as a link to nature speaking to her, about others and about the world in which we live.

One never knows what touches another in some special, perhaps unspoken way. She is talking about all kinds of people from many neighborhoods and from all over the world.

"Nature Speaks with excitement, power and passion; pulling on the inner senses.
You will see imagery to which you will give meaning and names.
You will want to touch, think about it, and wonder how it all came to be.
What do You See?"

Shirlee Purlow artwork