Fire and Ice Reaction Show (Streaming)

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In this amazing show about chemical reactions, you'll see fire light up in different beautiful colors, the freezing magic of liquid nitrogen, and how to make smoke appear like a genie out of a bottle.

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Each week this summer we’re streaming a new hour-long science video from Absolute Science on YouTube. The full lineup:

  • June 7-13: Fire and Ice Reaction Show
  • June 14-20: Kayleigh Rogers, Magician
  • June 21-27: Steve ’n TV’s Robot Dance Party
  • June 28-July 4: Mega Levitator Show
  • July 5-11: Fantastic Foam Show
  • July 12-18: Laser Show
  • July 19-25: Bigger Bang Bubble Show
  • July 26-31: Optical Illusions Show