Cecilia Paroubek Kluge

Interview Date: August 17, 1989
Interview Location: Morton Grove Historical Museum, Haupt-Yehl House
Interviewer: Yvonne Ryden
Duration: 78 minutes


Cecilia Paroubek Kluge is a member of an early Skokie (Niles Center) family. Cecilia tells of living on Lincoln Avenue during the 1920s and 1930s while her father owned the Community Bakery. She recalls the Farmer’s Market on Warren Street, the paving of Lincoln Avenue, and life with seven siblings in the apartment above the bakery.

Cecilia had a long interesting career at Baxter Laboratories in the International Division. Now in her retirement, she is active again in many community organizations. Most notably, she is serving on the Morton Grove Historical Society committee managing the Haupt-Yehl House.