Florence Huscher Raft

Interview Date: August 7, 1990
Interview Location: Narrator’s home, 6013 Crain Street, Morton Grove
Interviewer: Yvonne Ryden
Duration: 76 minutes


Florence Huscher Raft was born in 1917 across from what is now St. Martha’s Catholic Church. She was a tomboy growing up, interested more in football, baseball, and airplanes than in typical feminine things. She led a very active lifestyle, playing “Cops and Robbers” on ponies in Linne Woods, ice skating down the frozen river, and learning how to shoot with a .410 rifle in Dells Woods and the local skeet club.

In this interview, Florence shares many fond memories of Morton Grove, including her role on the St. Martha’s Young Ladies Society baseball team and several secretarial positions before, during, and after the Second World War. She also remembers the Progressive Club, which her father was heavily involved in.