Habeeb Quadri

Interview Date: January 19, 2017
Interview Location: Morton Grove Public Library
Interviewer: Chad Comello
Transcriber: Elizabeth Ceisel
Duration: 50 minutes


Habeeb Quadri is the principal of the MCC Academy in Morton Grove and an author/lecturer on Islam and social problems confronting Muslim youth. Born in Chicago to Indian immigrants, Habeeb is a first-generation American and son of one of the founders of Chicago’s Muslim Community Center.

After moving to Morton Grove as a kid, he lived through the contentious referendum to block MCC’s purchase of the former Borg school in Morton Grove and the attacks on the Muslim community. But he also recalls the interfaith civic support they received after the referendum was voted down and watched MCC Academy gradually flourish.

In this interview, Habeeb reflects on growing up while trying to balance his Muslim faith with American culture and sports, taking an eye-opening trip to India as a teen, being a school principal after the September 11 attacks, and working to make Muslims part of the Morton Grove tapestry.