Myrtle Bixler

Interview Date: June 19, 1978
Interview Location: Narrator’s home, 8517 Fernald, Morton Grove
Interviewer: Denise Rossmann Christopoulos
Duration: 53 minutes


Myrtle Bixler and her husband Al owned The Bit and Bridle Restaurant in Morton Grove for 39 years. In this June 1978 interview, Myrtle tells of the grand opening on Labor Day in 1934, the antique décor, and the menu and prices of the day. Many of The Bit and Bridle’s clientele were from Northwestern University, and it hosted many dances for local organizations in town. The restaurant was not only one of the most popular hot spots, but also was a Morton Grove landmark until it was torn down in 1969. Myrtle Bixler discusses other aspects of living in Morton Grove such as the roadhouses of the 1930s, the Depression years, and the camaraderie that she felt existed with most townfolk and organizations.